Group terms of reference


The purpose of the SY&B Primary Care Workforce Group (PCWG) is to scope and drive the development of the primary care workforce in order to ensure it is fit to deliver high quality, modern healthcare across the whole of the region.



The PCWG will be accountable to SYB, North Derybshire and Wakefield Commissioners Working together, and Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber



The PCWG will determine the key priorities that will develop and support the workforce and delivery of Primary Care in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw and seek potential solutions that are practical for local contexts. This will require that key primary care stakeholders are engaged and influential in the work streams and outcomes defined by the group.


In determining priorities the group will consider:-

  • the development of emerging primary care models and skill mix in primary care
  • recruitment and retention and local workforce issues
  • the effect of workforce issues on health inequalities
  • investment in education
  • influencing GPs to engage in their own workforce
  • workforce planning and career progression
  • anticipated impact and benefits to patients.


 Specific responsibilities:

  • For each work stream agreed, the PCWG will be responsible for ensuring that the scope, timescales, resources and outcomes are clearly articulated


  • The PCWG project manager will be responsible for ensuring the group’s activities remain on track to deliver the agreed outcomes and benefits.


  • Members of the group will provide resource and specific commitment to support the activities undertaken.


  • Evaluation of the ability of the group to deliver on key projects will be undertaken.



  • The group will meet quarterly