GP Autumn School – Embedding MPE into GP

Dr Pete Lane and Louise Berwick facilitated a session at the GP Autumn School on 4th October around Multi-professional education  (MPE) and how practices might do things a little differently! (Handouts and a write up of the flipcharts is available at the end of this document)

The focus of the session was through a workforce lens, and looking at how to make practices resilient with the skill mix they choose. With this in mind, the group explored how they develop, train and retain their teams and how they avoid ‘burn out’ in the process.

We looked at what MPE meant to the group, what skills were needed to make it work in practice and what the barriers might be. We also examined what the groups current experience of MPE in practice was.

We went on to look closely at the Wessex Primary Care Project and the tools available. The groups evaluated each of the tools and discussed how they might be used back in their practices.

The group also looked at potential new roles in GP and how they might be introduced. This included evaluating the pros and cons of each and the support, training and education that needed to run alongside.

The session aimed to raise awareness and begin thought and conversation around MPE.


Flipchart write up

Wessex Project Summary Report

Dr Lane’s Slides

How well do you know your workforce

Wessex Workforce Survey

Contact details for ATP hubs

Kotter 8 Steps



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