One thought on “Sustainability and Transformation Plan outlines for South Yorkshire published

  1. According to the summary STP submission document,
    “In rethinking and shaping how we currently work, we want to focus on;
    Putting prevention at the heart of what we do”

    I cannot help but think has any thought being given to the unique opportunity to help prevent T2 Diabetes (and related long term debilitating and expensive co-morbidities).
    This could perhaps be achieved by enabling Health Care Professionals to give people the choice of how they can reduce the intake of sugar and complex carbohydrates and replace them with healthy fats (the so-called Low Carb, High (or Healthy) Fat Lifestyle – LCHF) to reduce their risk.

    There is plenty of evidence out there now, and GPs in Southport have embarked on this journey, (one GP alone saving their CCG £50k in diabetic medication), and have empowered some of their patients to greatly improve their wellbeing and prevent the otherwise unavoidable onslaught of T2 Diabetes.


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