The first 6 Months – summary

Hopefully, the Primary Care workforce group has only just got started. Reconfigured about just over 6 months ago the group identified some ‘quick wins’ and we have tried to deliver these as well as possible. I think we have been ‘partially successful’ in achieving these. There is still work to do engaging with the CCG workforce leads in some areas – due to time rather than lack of will – and we have had some input to the STP via our submission to them.

What has been most positive is the energy that has remained within the group at our meetings and it has been clear that everyone there from LMC, LPC, CCG, HEE and wherever are jointly committed to helping create a primary medical care service that can meet needs and is as resilient as is possible against the massive challenges economically and politically.

We were very pleased at our last meeting to welcome Kevan Taylor, Workforce Lead for the Sustainability and Transformation plan and hear that he had community and primary care services high on his agenda. We also welcomed his invitation for the group to become a more integral part of the STP with respect to Primary Care Workforce. Thank you Kevan.

Attached is the report from the first 6 months – hopefully this will be a start in a longer term process where we can help influence changes in a way that support our health care professionals and most importantly our service to the public.


The SYBWG interim report July 2016

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