Practice Nurses – Funding available from Health Education England

New Practice Nurses are needed– and recruiting established staff from other practices or from hospital environments, although necessary to manage the workforce short term– is not a long term solution.

New graduate nurses coming to work in primary care (and being supported to make a long term career as a Practice Nurse) is what is required.


Health Education England are pleased to announce that they are launching a project offering funds to individual practices who are ready to recruit and support a newly registered nurse for their first two years in primary care.

The Offer
Health Education England will provide funding to those GP practices who offer to appoint a new NMC registered nurse to work in their practice. The nurse will have registered with the NMC no earlier than 1st August 2016.

The understanding will be that the practice will use these funds to support and supervise the new nurse in a package of formal academic and experiential supervision and learning over a period of not less than two years.

Contact for questions
The scheme is still in development, and very soon HEE will be taking applications from practices who wish to be considered.

For further details click the attached link:

General Practice Nurse Ready Scheme 2016




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